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Unlock the Power of Seamless Document Exploration

At Anapty, we revolutionize the way you interact with your documents. Our advanced document reader combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to provide you with a seamless reading experience.

Key Features

Intelligent Search

Effortlessly find what you need with our powerful search functionality. Smart algorithms understand context and deliver precise results.

Annotation Tools

Mark up and annotate documents with ease. Collaborate in real-time, making feedback and revisions a breeze.

Secure Cloud Integration

Safely store and sync your documents in the cloud. Your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption and security measures.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Access your documents from anywhere, whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our responsive design ensures a consistent experience across devices.

Customizable Viewing Options

Tailor your reading experience to your preferences. Adjust fonts, themes, and layouts for a personalized touch.

Coretex AI platform is the core operating system of our ID document reader tech.

Our team uses it to iteratively collect, organise and annotate document images, schedule automatic AI model training and iteratively improve results. Coretex Functions allow us to quickly convert our best AI models to APIs available in production, so integration with our client’s in-house web apps becomes straightforward.

The privacy is preserved thanks to the industry-grade encryption in transit and the ability to run Coretex AI inference stack on our infrastructure.

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Save time and increase productivity with our intuitive interface.



Foster teamwork with easy document sharing and collaborative features.



Stay ahead with our updates and integration of the latest technologies.

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